Referral Program – How it works: Give $25 Get $25

You can involve our referral program and get a wonderful benefit from us for you by give $25 Get $25 at Budora.

  1.  Share Our Site – must be a registered member
    Enter your friend or family members emails below, this will send them an email with their referral code that they will be able to use at checkout.
    *1 referral per household

2. Wait for the Referral To Purchase
Your referral will receive an email with their code! They must spend over $100 to use it. Don’t forget to make sure your referral uses the code so you get your $25 credit added to your account. 

3. Enjoy your $25 Credit!
Once your referral has made a purchase over $100 with the code you will be credit $25 to your account. You can check your referrals in the My account > referrals section and your points in My account > points sections



We hope you will enjoy to our service as much as we enjoy coming to work for you. Your time, and your comfort and your needs are what matters most to us. We look forward to making this an enjoyable experience for you.

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