How Much Does Cannabis Cost Across Canada?

Following the “Cannabis Act” of 2018, initiated by the Government of Canada, the plant is now officially legal and available across various stores in the country. It’s available for recreational purposes but only for adults of legal age. Its sales, distribution, and possession are also regulated by the Federal Government and the governments of all 13 provinces. Now that its availability and legality are no longer problems in Canada, the price point seems to be another concern, and people often ask how much it costs.

The price of cannabis varies across different provinces and cities in Canada. Some provinces allow private retailers to set their price points, while others don’t. In some cities, the product is only available online or sold at government stores. In some other cases, retailers or cannabis dispensaries obtain permission from the government to sell. Despite the price variations, marijuana is still more affordable than when people had to rely on the illegal market or travel to other countries such as the United States and the Netherlands.

Although the average price of cannabis in Canada stands at $12.34, let’s look at the price variety across different provinces in Canada.


Private retailers have the permit to sell marijuana, and the other option is to get it on the official website of the Alberta Gaming, Liquor, and Cannabis (AGLC) commission. The average price is $9.24 and can get as high as $15.42 for a single gram. A pre-rolled cigarette is typically cheaper, with an average selling price of $6.64 at the legal market.

Alberta has been a large market for cannabis since its legalization became official in Canada. There are over 400 stores with licenses to sell recreational and medical cannabis in Alberta, thanks to the ALGC. Various forms are available, ranging from capsules and cannabis oils to edibles and pre-rolls.


In Manitoba, only approved stores can sell marijuana, and there are just four of them. They can sell the product online or at their stores. The average price of cannabis is $12 per gram and is available online.


Since private retailers are permitted to sell and set their own prices, the cost of cannabis in Saskatchewan is one of the highest in the country, as retailers can place prices as high as $18.99 per gram. However, the price per gram will be cheaper if you buy in large quantities. Some may sell for between $13 and $16 per gram.


Previously, only government-run websites, notably; the website of the Ontario Cannabis Store, were selling the product for prices between $7.95 and $13.25 for a gram. But now, private stores are selling. There are 33 government-approved stores that sell cannabis in Ontario, as the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) has permitted retailers to open cannabis stores. Cannabis in Ontario is available in various forms, including cannabis oils, vapes, flowers, pre-rolls, and capsules.

British Columbia (B.C.)

Early cannabis activism took place in British Columbia, where supporters of the product sold it in compassion clinics. Since their activism partly paid off with the legalization of the product, you can purchase cannabis here in government-approved private stores and online. The government sells the product online, offering dried cannabis flowers at prices that range from $6.99 to $16.28 for one gram. Accessories like pipes, bongs, lighters, and rolling papers are also available in these stores.


In Quebec, cannabis sells for an average price of $5.25 per gram (tax included). Private retailers are also permitted to sell. There are 52 stores in the province of Quebec that sell marijuana, and they sell it in various forms. You can find pre-rolls, beverages, capsules, flowers, and cannabis oils.

Nova Scotia

Cannabis prices in Nova Scotia vary depending on the type. For value cannabis, average prices range between $6.33 and $10.99 per gram, the price of core cannabis starts at $10.99 per gram, and the same goes for premium cannabis. Only government-approved retailers are permitted to sell the product.

New Brunswick

Private retailers are permitted to sell pot in New Brunswick alongside government-approved stores. Cannabis prices range from $8.50 to $14.99 at their highest point. You can get a joint for as low as $7.50 for one gram.

Prince Edward Island (PEI)

Cannabis is affordable in the Prince Edward Islands, where prices start at $5.65 per gram for private retailers. However, government-approved retailers will sell above this price.

Northwest Territories

Online, government stores sell cannabis for between $13.13 and $17.50 per gram. Private retailers are also selling within this range.


Only private stores with government approval sell the product in stores across Nunavut. Only one retailer, Tweed, has the license to sell online, but the brand has no price list.

Newfoundland and Labrador

In Newfoundland and Labrador, dried cannabis flower sells for $6.89 per gram, and the price is higher if you buy from the government’s website. At first, marijuana was selling for as low as $4.79 for a pre-roll. The product is also available across private retail stores.

Factors that Affect Cannabis Cost in Canada

The difference in the prices of cannabis across Canada is a result of several factors. Previously, law enforcement would have been number one on the list because government agents try to clamp down on the sale and distribution of the product. Going through the risk of sourcing and distributing illegal weed will naturally lead to high prices. But cannabis use is now legal in Canada, and the clampdown is over. Consequently, the price variation of cannabis across Canada is the result of factors such as the following:

Laws of Demand and Supply

Generally, the law of demand and supply will always affect the retail prices of popular products, and cannabis is no different. According to the law, when supply exceeds demand for a product, its price will drop, and when demand exceeds supply, the price will rise. Hence, in regions where cannabis is largely cultivated (according to the law), its price will be significantly lower when compared to provinces where they rarely grow the product.

Some other regions have devised effective and technological means to cultivate the weed and boost its supply, leading to lower prices, while some are still lagging, leading to higher pricing.

Distribution Cost

Importing cannabis from other regions or countries to a particular region in Canada will increase its price. The distribution or transportation costs will influence the pricing across the supply chain, which starts from the importer or distributor to the wholesaler and down to the retailer.

Since there are local laws surrounding the cultivation, importation, and distribution of cannabis, the movement of the drug along the supply chain might not be straightforward, often requiring government vetting and approvals at every stage. After going through rigorous processes to obtain the license to sell it, retailers typically raise their prices.

Quantity Discounts

It’s a norm in every market that prices drop when you buy in bulk as compared to buying in smaller quantities. Most approved retailers may buy from other retailers due to the scarcity of the product in their region and increase the retail price. Some find it convenient to source the product from other retailers, rather than go through the long process of sourcing from a wholesaler.

Purchasing Cannabis Online in Canada

If you have reservations about going to stores to purchase the product, there are many online stores, including government-owned websites that sell cannabis. Almost all government websites in Canada in the aforementioned regions sell cannabis online.You can place an order for the number of grams you want and expect delivery to your hotel or home within a few days. Same-day delivery services are also available on some sites.

Legal Age for Smoking Cannabis

The approved age for smoking cannabis in Canada is 18, hence, you must ensure to keep the product out of the reach of children. If you live in a household with many kids, it’s best to avoid using marijuana at home. In some provinces, cannabis is prohibited in places children visit often, and there are restrictions on growing the plant or setting up retail stores in areas close to schools and daycares.

However, the age limit varies from province to province. Some may increase the age limit to 21 as provinces are permitted to establish their own regulations around the use of the product, including its distribution and sales. The federal government mainly controls the licensed production of the product. These regulations are to minimize drug addiction, drug abuse, and the rise of the illicit market, which is kept minimal.

How Much Cannabis Can You Possess and Grow in Canada?

While it’s available across approved stores and government websites, there’s a limit to how much you can purchase as an individual. It’s a policy to regulate consumption and prevent drug abuse. So, regardless of your location in Canada, you are only allowed to use, share, and carry 30 grams of cannabis. That’s around 60 to 75 pre-rolled joints if you are trying to picture it, and it costs between $160 and $400 (Canadian dollars). So, it’s illegal to possess cannabis beyond 30 grams.

If you decide to grow the plant around your home, a single household is permitted to grow only four of the plants.

Can I Smoke Cannabis Anywhere in Canada?

Unfortunately, you can’t do that. Smoking is prohibited in many public indoor spaces in Canada, including offices, children’s parks, public transport facilities, hotels, and accommodations. It doesn’t matter if it’s marijuana or a cigarette. Provinces like Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta allow the smoking of cannabis wherever cigarette smoking is permitted, and there are several designated locations for smoking the product in these regions. To be on the safe side of the law, always pay attention to smoking signs in public places.

Smoking Cannabis in Hotels and Airbnb

The legalization of cannabis in Canada didn’t enforce its consumption across the entire population. Businesses, privately owned parks, and the hospitality industry can decide to prohibit its consumption on their premises or in their indoor spaces. For Airbnbs, the decision to permit cannabis consumption is at the discretion of the host. If the host decides you can smoke weed in his short-let apartment, then you can.

Often, you can check if a host will permit the use of cannabis in their posting descriptions. They may use keywords like “Cannabis friendly” or “green friendly” to show potential customers that they are free to smoke weed.

Most hotels and rental landlords won’t permit smoking in their rooms, and they will inform you beforehand so you can decide if renting or lodging is worth it. However, there are many cannabis-friendly hotels and resorts in Canada if you inquire.


Recreational cannabis is now legal in Canada for distribution and consumption, but prices vary across different provinces. It might be cheaper in your locality or more expensive based on certain factors like distribution costs, laws of demand and supply, cultivation techniques, and a few others.

Additionally, various laws regulate its usage as you move from province to province. Some are flexible, and some are strict, especially regarding the approved legal age for smoking. Regardless of the legalization, smoking is still prohibited in most places, and the law forbids keeping the product within children’s reach.

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